At WonderLab, we revive the sense of wonder in children, get them to ask questions such as “How do I see the smoke forming when I mix A into B?” We aspire for children to become curious about the world around us and start experimenting with day to day items at home! Through our mad science shows for kids, STEM DIY science experiment kits, science themed birthday parties for kids, engaging live workshops and science classrooms, we induce curiosity in the young minds of the children, to ask questions and share their amazing discoveries. More than anything, we believe that with science as a tool, the possibilities are endless! Founded in 2014 as an initiative to help children develop love for science, WonderLab offers various engaging DIY activities for kids, live science workshops and mad science birthday parties and STEM DIY science kits that allow kids to turn simple activities into unforgettable learning experiences while helping them build a scientific approach, igniting a sense of wonder and curiosity among them. Having inspired thousands of young lives to explore science through countless fun and bedazzling ways, WonderLab is now a pioneer mad science birthday party planner in Delhi NCR that offers spectacular theme-based science-themed shows and DIY science activities for kids. We’ve recently launched engaging and educational STEM DIY science experiment kits for kids, which help them learn interesting science concepts through fun-packed and colourful DIY science experiments, liquid nitrogen show, dry ice show, DIY science experiments and workshops for kids.