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Case Study an Effective Qualitative Research Tool – Overview


            If you want to prepare an academic document then make sure you know some research techniques. Yes, there are some research methodologies derived by the academics that are necessary to follow. Once you have familiarized yourself with such techniques then you can easily write a research essay, research proposal, or a research paper. Some academic documents require incorporating both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

            It mostly depends on your topic and how much analysis and information you need to make a compelling argument. If you want to write an exceptional case study then make sure to follow qualitative research tools. In simple terms, it is generally used to explore different feelings, opinions, attitudes, values and how these affect an individual's behavior. Perceptions are very important in this research as it does not involve any facts and figures and mainly based on quotations about particular matters.

Effective Qualitative Research Tool

            There are different methods under which you can effectively apply qualitative research tools. The important ones are as follows:

In-depth interview

            You need to know that qualitative research is all about people's opinions and what they think about a particular subject matter. This is where your research would take a dramatic shift as you might find data beyond your expectations or not relevant at all. That is why in-depth interviews are very important to collect in-depth data.

You can ask and shape your questions in a way to collect the relevant data. A good and relevant interview should last from 60-90 minutes in a face to face conversation. If you get stuck during your research then do not get worried and contact a professional essay writer.  I am sure, it would be extremely helpful to complete your research later to incorporate it in an academic document.

Focus group discussions

            It is the second effective qualitative research tool that you can utilize to collect intended information. Through an FGD you would be able to know attitudes, beliefs, opinions, and perceptions about an idea. Typically, there could be 6-12 people from different academic disciplines to participate in this research mostly in three groups. There should be three total groups with each discussing up to an hour so that a creative discourse can be conducted to find the relevant and intended data.

The FGD is important to identify and define problems, weaknesses, recommendations, and interpreting quantitative findings with the generation of new ideas. Due to the presence of different groups, you can collect a wide range of data that would be neutral and helpful for your research. Despite its various attributes, this method does have some limitations as you cannot generalize your findings to the entire population. Furthermore, active participants may overpower subdued participants thus jeopardizing the research methods altogether.


            It is the third important method in qualitative research that mainly involves studying people's behavior through vivid observations. You can conduct two main types of observations first ‘covert’ and second ‘overt.’ You can also avail services of essay writer service for your qualitative research. As it has hundreds of researchers with years of experience in writing you just need to find a legit one. The observation is useful because you are trying to understand a process that is already ongoing and you are there just to observe.

Sometimes a collection of qualitative data is not possible via interview and group discussion under such circumstances the best way is to observe people, how they behalf and interact. Observation does not require participant’s contributions in the form of questionnaires or interviews. It is the sole responsibility of a researcher how he gathers data and interprets it. However, the most important attribute of observation is that you get a chance to collect first-hand data or knowledge by observing the live events.

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