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Bond Hair Bar

Emily Wyant is a world-renowned hair expert, educator, speaker, author, TV & Radio personality. Emily travels the globe bringing her expertise to a new level by wowing women with her special talents in and out of the salon. As the founder of Bond Hair Bar, Emily has raised the standard in her industry by acquiring expertise in 15 different methods of hair extensions.


Emily's determination and continued education is geared towards helping women with hair loss. By identifying her clients’ hair type, Emily is able to rejuvenate their natural hair by aligning it with the best protective method. With a well thought out procedure detailing her clients’ physical, personal and professional aspirations, she ensures that a thorough profile is created. After a consultation at Bond, every woman walks away making an educated decision about the best method for their hair.


Emily’s success has solidified her reputation and credibility in the industry and this is demonstrated in her jam-packed online booking calendar, successful consultation presentations, website & social media portfolio, and outstanding Yelp and Google reviews! When Emily is not delivering results for her clients, she is using her spare time to master more skills. In 2018, her consistency and determination enabled her to add 3 more reputable industry certifications to her repertoire!  


She now has red carpet secrets at her fingertips and uses them to make each client feel like the celebrity they are. With Emily on your side, your dream hair will become a reality!

Emily’s new book, “Happy By Design: How to Use Your 5 Senses to Trigger You Happy--Anywhere, Anytime,” and “3 Seconds to Sold: Why Your Presentation Matters, “helps new cosmetologist influence their audience in 3 seconds--guaranteed to be a best-seller.