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The Trust for Hidden Villa


Our vision is a sustainable, healthy, and just future for all.


Our mission is to foster educational experiences that build connections and inspire a deeper appreciation and respect for nature, food, and one another.


Our values are: Access, Community, Exploration, and Stewardship.

This legacy began in 1924, when Frank and Josephine Duveneck purchased the property near Los Altos in 1924 and began sharing the land and creating humanitarian programs that have inspired many generations. The Duvenecks were profoundly generous and dedicated to creating a just and sustainable future for all.

Today, the Hidden Villa Board of Trustees remains committed to the lessons long taught by the Duvenecks and sustained by our organization since their passing. We stand opposed to discrimination based on ethnicity, national origin, religion or sexual identity. We support environmental regulations that preserve our healthy environment and food systems through regenerative agriculture, and most of all, we strive to inspire future leaders and stewards of the earth.