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Addison, TX

THE GLOBAL LEADER IN Flexible Office Spaces 

We help over 8 million people work the hybrid way, in thousands of locations worldwide.  We are the pioneer in the industry with nearly 35 years experience and 3500 locations worldwide. 

More companies have recognized that flexible working boosts employee happiness while helping the environment.  At the same time, it also increases productivity and allows businesses to scale up, or down, as it requires.  We’re strong believers in empowering people to succeed. With us, you’ll have the flexibility to work however you need to, supported by a committed team that cares about your success.

Under IWG, we have several brands to suit different workstyles.  Locally, we operate under our Regus and Spaces brands.

We give our team a great day at work, starting with an excellent induction, training to support career development and countless career opportunities. As a result, we are delighted to be recognized by Leading Employers, being in the top 1% of employers in 2022. On average, we add at least one new location to our network every day. The speed of our growth creates lots of opportunities – to explore new positions, relocate to another country or city, or level up through promotion