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5 House Modification Tips If You Are Planning to Get an ESA Dog

You are expecting your emotional support animal letter to arrive any day now. You have checked all the boxes and now you only have a few days until you can have the best pet in the whole wide world following you around wherever you go! As you wait, you must not do so in vain because you will need to make your space as comfortable as you can for your new friend.

Planning to get an ESA dog but not sure how to modify your home? At realesaletter, we understand that making your home safe and comfortable for your furry friend is essential. That's why we've compiled a list of 5 house modification tips to consider before bringing your ESA dog home. From choosing the right flooring to ensuring your backyard is secure, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Let’s rephrase that: You will want to offer the best comforts your new friend deserves.

Pat Yourself on the Back for Getting the Process Right

You have already come halfway as you have applied via an authentic website for real esa letter that would allow you to be entitled to all the benefits of possessing an emotional support animal. You have done your research and you already know which breed you are getting and all the activities you want to engage in to keep your emotional support animal delighted and in the best of spirits.

There is Always Room for Improvement

Your work is far from over. As a proud owner of an emotional support animal like no other, you need to think along the lines of house modification for your ESA dog before the animal arrives at your doorstep. Pets and human beings can have different criteria for their living space to be cheerful and habitable. You need to know what works for your pet as you make an effort for the animal that deserves all your understanding and companionship.

To start with, ask yourself a few questions. If you own a yard, has it been properly fenced? Have you thought about installing a dog shower? Have you considered if the floors will be comfortable for your pet? Do you have access to a storage cabinet to act as a supply cabinet for your pet? Have you thought about the possibility of installing special doors inside the house so your animal can enjoy the view of the whole house without having access to the spaces you would rather have them stay away from? Have you planned any personal spaces for your pet so that they have some alone time?

If the answers to all or most of these questions are along the lines of a negative, then you need to act fast.

What Can I Do to Make the Experience Better for my ESA

Some Cool Windows and Doors May Do the Trick

Pets need to feel like they are not constrained or confined. All the same, you still cannot let them inside every nook and cranny, right? Well, you could always install Dutch doors. These doors can be opened separately from the top and bottom. They also allow the animals to view the recesses of your house without having access to them. This solution could be best to alleviate your pet’s anxiety and allow them to not feel like you are their worst enemy as you close off the various spaces to their presence. They can enjoy the view and not feel claustrophobic while you get to enjoy a better relationship with a pet who is neither anxious nor frustrated.

About Those Floors

Some pets find it hard to walk on hardwood floors. Those poor paws of theirs could scratch on the floors. For animals who are suffering from arthritis or have lived to a ripe old age, the hardwood floor may be too cold for comfort. Health conditions affecting joints can be exacerbated if you do not consider installing rugs or carpets to provide padding for those precious paws to feel warm, cared for, and comfortable.


Owners who are concerned about having a suitable space dedicated to washing their dogs always prefer to install showers. These showers can be installed close to back entrances, so the proud owners no longer have to concern themselves with their beloved emotional support animal leaving a trail of mud and dirt through the living room. You can wash your animal before they enter your space so they can remain clean and disinfected all the time they spend indoors. Quite a practical idea, indeed!

Give Them Their Personal Space

You may be aware of the fact that there is no such thing as a separate emotional support animal letter for housing but you need to keep yourself updated on the needs of your pet. Begin with planning a personal space. Most pets like to have their personal space where they can unwind or even sleep. Pets feel secure when they have such an area designated to them— an area far from the prying eyes of all those humans! Plan the personal space by dedicating an area of your home to the pet. To give it a personalized touch, you can always add some cushions or toys for the pet to enjoy. This will be a space for your pet to snuggle in. They will feel welcome as soon as they arrive when they see their cozy corner.

The Importance of Being Fenced

If you own a yard, you can make sure you have it properly fenced so your animal can be safe and secure. Leaving the yard unfenced poses a lot of unnecessary and easily avoidable threats to the animal who will play an extremely important role in your life. Installing a fence is the least you can do for such a friend, don’t you think?

When you find the best companions in your emotional support animal, you would want to provide them with the best living arrangements. They surely deserve the best you have to offer. A little touch here and there and some minor changes can turn a formidable space into a pet-friendly space that can bring the best out of your pet and let you enjoy the best friendship these animals have to offer!

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