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Chajinel Home Care Services

South San Francisco, CA, USA

Chajinel is a non-medical, in-home care agency founded in 2014 in The San Francisco Bay Area. Chajinel Home Care Services LLC was created with the intention to bring physical care to aging citizens, integrate holistic techniques into the daily practice of being a geriatric companion, and remind our community through service and professionalism, being a geriatric companion is not only a learning opportunity but one of the highest honors we can have as human beings. Female and minority owned, Chajinel Home Care Services offers on-the-job training and seeks having you as part of our team where we both can learn, grow, and adapt to the changing, aging world together. The word “Chajinel” comes from the ancient Mayan language (quiche) and is translated to “guardian of the soul”/” caregiver of the soul” and that is what we strive to become.