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About Us

Flying Food Group, LLC. is a large-scale airline catering company that provides top-tier passenger meals and in non-airline catering snacks for over 70 leading airlines and high level retailers nationwide. Flying Food Group produces exceptional food destined for multi-market destinations like airline, grocery, food service and specialty markets. FFG furnishes food primarily for international carriers. Flying Food Group is dedicated to quality and safety delivering unsurpassed products that exceed customer expectations.

Flying Food Group, LLC. succeeds by meeting and exceeding customer expectations, based on a responsive, entrepreneurial model and tight team approach. Focused creativity has inspired Flying Food Group’s success, and is a hallmark of the company’s continuing service to every valued customer.

Flying Food Group makes regional dishes

The company is known for creative fresh prepared products and airline passenger meals that reflect the culinary expertise of skilled executive and production chefs. FFG’s talented, multi-ethnic chef staff provides creative culinary solutions in a wide variety of cuisines, including American, Chinese, French, German, Halal, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai and Turkish.

FFG employs efficient, highly motivated management and support staff along with time-tested production systems to guarantee the safety, quality and efficiency of every aspect of food production, delivering optimal results for every valued customer.