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Mendocino Farms Sandwiches

Mendocino Farms started as—and still is—a family business. Co-Founders (and husband-and-wife team) Mario Del Pero and Ellen Chen created the concept in 2003, determined to lead through empowerment and build a thriving business from just a good idea and a lot of passion.

With their vision of an elevated dining experience offering much more than just good food, they opened their first unit on Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles in 2005.  Since then, Mendocino Farms restaurants have opened in neighborhoods across Southern California, taking their places as some of the best loved eateries in the communities they serve.

As the business has grown, so has the family—our talented and devoted team of culinary and hospitality professionals continues driving the mission forward every day, and our partnerships with some of the best farmers and food artisans in the region continue to ensure that we provide the tastiest food around while supporting our local food economy.