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Coastal Cash and Loan DBA Frontera

Since 2003 Frontera has been helping people through a wide range of financial services, from cashing checks and sending money to loved ones, to accessing money through our loan and pawn services. Always fast and friendly, never a hidden fee.

With branches in California and Florida, we are part of the communities in which we serve. Our branches are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable people who live and work right in your neighborhood. They understand your needs and are there to help.

Visit us and compare, we know you will come back.


Our Vision:

Frontera is committed to being the premiere provider of financial products in the communities we serve while maintaining industry leading compliance practices and growing profitability

Our Mission:

1. Excellence in every role: be the best in the world at whatever we do because our families and company deserve it

2. Green and clean: out of respect for our customers and ourselves, have the cleanest, safest and most welcoming stores in the industry

3. Integrity: have uncompromising integrity, honesty, trust and accountability in all that we do and maintain the highest levels of ethical standards; have an open communication policy among all team members throughout the company

4. Positive culture: celebrate and reward personal and professional growth and thereby strive to have the most prosperous team in the industry

5. Best in class customer service: aim to exceed every customer’s expectations with each and every interaction; build continuing and long-lasting relationships with all customers; focus on meeting the financial needs of every customer while increasing profitability and growth of the company

6. Community: have compassion through involvement in community activities that benefit our neighbors and also project a positive image of Frontera.