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PRC Baker Places

San Francisco, CA, USA


At PRC, we believe everyone deserves an advocate and an opportunity.

PRC (formerly Positive Resource Center) has been transforming the Bay Area for decades, helping those affected by HIV/AIDS, substance use, or mental health issues realize their best selves by providing the support and services they need to reclaim their lives.

Services include emergency financial assistance for short-term security; legal representation for access to basic income and healthcare benefits; and residential treatment, supportive housing, and employment training for longer-term social rehabilitation.

Having recently merged with the AIDS Emergency Fund and Baker Places, Inc., PRC’s newly interconnected services help over 5,000 clients per year on their path toward long-term stability and success.

A longtime pillar of the community, we have grown, and we have changed, and we’ll continue to grow and change. We’ll add new services, and find new partners to work alongside us. But, through it all, we will remain committed to the same core ideals we began with:

  • We will continue to be welcoming and accepting of ALL people;
  • We will stand up, speak out, and provide both urgent and long-term support for those who too often are marginalized or ignored;
  • And we will never, ever stop working to empower our clients by helping the whole person – moving beyond merely addressing their health and tackling the larger social issues that affect them.