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Metal Fusion, Inc.

Redwood City, CA, USA

MFI specializes in the repair of high value mechanical parts through thermal spray, welding, machining, grinding, dye penetrant and dimensional inspection.  We repair worn bearing and seal fits, broken castings, rotors, mechanical seals, turbine engine parts, bearing carriers, gen housings, end bell housings. We can accommodate shafts up to 40” W and 200” L. 

Our thermal spray processes also support R&D and production of fuel cell, superconducting magnet, linear accelerator and solar products.  Our capability consists of 3 Metco plasma spray units, 2 with robotic capability.  Also, 2 dual-wire arc, 2 fuel wire, and 2 Thermo Spray systems.  MFI is capable of spraying any metal or ceramic available in the marketplace.  Our welders are AWS certified.  We work with aircraft repair facilities, semiconductor manufacturers, government agencies and private research firms.

Vietnamese and Mandarin spoken.