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Manufacture San Jose (MFG: SJ)

Manufacture : San Jose (MFG : SJ) is a public-private initiative, with the goal to drive resources, knowledge, and visibility to the city’s more than 1200 manufacturers and the more than 65,000 men and women they employ. 

Launched in  2018, MFG : SJ is a partnership of the City of San Jose and the non-profits CMTC California’s Manufacturing Network, and SFMade. 

Manufacturing is at the core of San Jose’s economic prowess.

From global Fortune 100 corporations to smaller family owned and operated manufacturers, San Jose’s manufacturing sector includes companies at all stages – local artisanal producers, high growth start-ups, and covers sectors including consumer electronics, medical devices, metals and machining, food and beverage.

Even more importantly, manufacturing offers the potential for diverse residents to build livelihoods through maker-based employment and entrepreneurship.

In short, sustaining and growing our manufacturing ecosystem is a clear pathway to building more shared prosperity and equity across our community, and across the Bay Area.