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Don Roberto Jewelers

San Clemente, CA, United States

“Helping Others Get What They Want.” That is the motto at the Don Roberto Jewelry Company, a driving force behind all the hard working employees who realize the importance of understanding and catering to each and every customer.

This motto grew its roots in the soil of Don Roberto’s humble but ambitious beginnings. Robert Trette, the founder of Don Roberto Jewelers, opened his first store in downtown Stockton, California on September 2, 1972. Catering to all walks of life, this was where the Don Roberto Jewelers motto was born, and the foundations of the company were built.

Since then, a commitment to old fashion family values and close attention to detail have been the bedrock of Don Roberto’s success. Now boasting 80 stores and counting, Don Roberto knows that sticking with its family-centered philosophies, and hardworking mentality have gotten them to where they are today. Whether in store, or online, the customer comes first. Each piece of jewelry bought from Don Roberto’s is carefully quality-checked to ensure only the highest quality, and an attentive customer service staff is available to take care of any customer questions or concerns.

Looking back over the last 40 + years gives Don Roberto a lot of pride. Now we look forward to the future as well, expanding our horizons to include our beautiful online store. An extension of our brick and mortar locations, we strive to provide an online shopping experience that is just as rewarding.

Our customers will continue to be our most valued asset, and we thank you for believing in Don Roberto Jewelers. Whether a long-time customer or a new one, welcome and thank you!