Education Coordinator- Part-Time

  • San Mateo, CA, USA
  • Jan 30, 2019
Part time Education

Job Description

Peninsula Family Service

The Part-Time Education Coordinator will work in collaboration with the Peninsula Family Service Teaching Staff. The Education Coordinator supports teachers in their planning of curriculum that encourages children to independently explore, discover and actively learn. The Education Coordinator provides curriculum support for each center and all ages groups from Infant to Preschool. The Education Coordinator would inspire the teaching teams at each location to develop emergent curriculum with a strong focus on STEM. The Education Coordinator would need the ability to problem solve, manage crisis, and work with teaching staff and young children of various cultures from low socio-economic backgrounds, demonstrate capacity to work with program staff in a matter that is empathetic, nonjudgmental, respectful, and professional. Demonstrate a willingness to work in an office and classroom environment. Possess knowledge and understanding of STEM; child growth and development. Be flexible and receptive to change. Technical Skills, basic computer skills which include MS Outlook and Internet usage

REPORTS TO: Education Manager/Associate EHS Director

CLASSIFICATION: Non-exempt, part-time (24 hours)



  1. Assist in planning, preparation and implementation of activities that are appropriate for the age level, skill and social development of the children served.
  2. Complete and/or assist in planning activities for an assigned group of children and help be a resource for materials
  3. Assist in the maintenance for an attractive, clean, creative, functional living and learning STEM environment (which may include fish, live plants, paint, tools and art)
  4. Help in collecting data on activities at each location
  5. Send out reminders, follow up and collect forms, documents, invoices and more
  6. Visually help supervise the classroom and outdoor area when supporting activities at a location and or specific classroom
  7. Adhere to and participate in the program evaluation of program using the Environment Rating Scale, CLASS, Desired Results, and/or NAEYC accreditation standards.
  8. Be familiar with and adhere to the program’s policies, health and safety regulations and emergency procedures and be ready to implement them if necessary.
  9. Inform the teacher or supervisor of any concerns or observations of a child or the environment that may of interest or importance
  10.  Represent the agency in a consistently professional manner, always modeling a commitment to the agencies Mission and values.

    Team Engagement:

  1. Maintain positive relationships with teachers.
  2. Attend parent meetings as requested by supervisor
  3. Model developmentally appropriate child interactions while encouraging and supporting teacher/infant attachment.


  1. Learn how to use Child Plus
  2. Learn how to collect data from DRDP online
  3. Must be able to use Microsoft word
  4. Excel
  5. Become familiar with Creative Curriculum from Teaching Strategies
  6. Head Start Early Learning Outcomes and Frameworks
  7. Become familiar with Early Learnings goals and objectives for the 2019 Program year


  1. Work cooperatively with Early Learning Team in achieving the goals and objectives of the classroom and center.
  2. Be physically, mentally and occupationally capable of performing the following actions without endangering one’s own health:
  • Reach a child 25 feet away within 10 seconds or less
  • Hear a child call for help from at least 50 feet away
  • Comprehend and react to dangerous situations involving children without hesitation
  • Crouch to a child’s height and maintain eye contact
  • Reach children on the highest piece of play equipment
  • Lift a minimum of 40 pounds
  • Sit on the floor and/or low chair and interact with children for an extended period of time.
  1. Follow all policies and procedures for handling confidential documentation and confidential information.
  2. Follow all Child Protective Services mandates and requirements, particularly regarding reporting of suspected child abuse.
  3. Follow Community Care Licensing rules and regulations and ensure classroom is in compliance
  4. Adherence to all organization policies, procedures, Parent Handbook and Employee Handbook
  5. Timely and accurate submission of time records to supervisor and reimbursements for expenses
  6. Other duties as assigned by supervisor

When applying, please note that you saw the job posted on the NOVA Job Board. If you need help with your resumé, please see a NOVA Career Advisor.