Chief Executive Officer

  • SFMade - Schaffer & Combs
  • Jul 21, 2021
Full time Management

Job Description

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SFMade will have the unique opportunity to oversee the vision and strategic direction for SFMade and its supporting organizations of PlaceMade and the Manufacturing Foundry. This leader will have the unique position to create lasting, systemic change for equity in the Bay Area and beyond. 

The CEO will oversee administration and fundraising across three locations, teams, and Boards. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of each unique business model including nonprofit service delivery, fee for service, and real estate. 

The CEO will be an external face of the organization, knowledgeable around policy and the larger ecosystem of economic equity within the Bay Area, and comfortable across media platforms. They will be an innovative, visionary leader who is not afraid to do hands-on work with the support of excellent staff and committed Boards.

This is a phenomenal opportunity for an influential and passionate leader to continue to change the landscape of equity and manufacturing.


Vision and Strategy 

  • Advance and continue to set the vision for SFMade across the three organizational models
  • Set and manage the strategic direction of the organization including crafting a strategic plan across the three organizations in partnership with the Boards
  • Work effectively with three separate Boards including planning Board meetings and Board recruitment 

Brand Ambassador

  • Knowledgeable and connected spokesperson of the organization, comfortable representing SFMade across media platforms
  • Overall supervision of the public relations strategy, in partnership with the leadership team
  • Understanding of local, state, and national policy efforts and key stakeholders 
  • Engage with policy leaders on sensitive political matters, when needed

Revenue Oversight 

  • Manage relationships with key donors as a knowledgeable and inspiring representative of the organization
  • Provide oversight to fundraising strategy including identifying additional opportunities
  • Craft and execute proposal strategies with the development team including some hands-on writing, when needed
  • Support additional fundraising efforts including an annual event  

Organizational Management

  • Oversee the administrative and financial operations of the three organizations in partnership with the leadership team
  • Support the monthly and annual finance and accounting processes including attention to cash-flow management 
  • Manage HR needs including benefits, insurance, and hiring


  • Commitment to poverty alleviation and an understanding of how manufacturing can be an engine for equity
  • Affinity for the value of making, manufacturing and the arts and the value this work brings to an ecosystem 
  • Experience contributing to the growth of a mission driven organization through program and service delivery, ideally for the betterment of economic outcomes 
  • Experience delivering and implementing a strong vision for an organization 
  • Capability to understand and thoughtfully nurture SFMade, PlaceMade and Manufacturing Foundry across the business models  - sophisticated understanding of nonprofits and program/service delivery
  • Track record of leading and managing complex organizations with multiple programs, sites, constituencies, and revenue streams
  • Experience overseeing a complex organizational model including administration, operations, and programs across multiple industries and locations
  • Experience working with Boards and Board development, particularly through a time of growth
  • Experience overseeing nonprofit fundraising, administration, and HR processes with a lean staff
  • Deep fundraising experience across major donors and government contracts 
  • Professional standing and social sophistication; a compelling public speaker across media platforms
  • Knowledgeable of policies as it relates to manufacturing and equity at the local, state, and federal levels

How To Apply

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, medical condition, disability, or sexual orientation. As an equal opportunity employer that values the organizational benefits of a diverse staff, SFMade is committed to identifying and developing the skills and leadership of people with a variety of backgrounds and attributes.

SFMade has retained Schaffer&Combs, a certified B Corporation, to support this search. In order to apply, please submit a current resume and thoughtful cover letter that explains your interest and outlines your relevant skills and experience.

When applying, please note that you saw the job posted on the NOVAworks Job Board. If you need help with your resumé, please see a NOVAworks Career Advisor.