Guided Study Teacher

$20.00 - $25.00 hourly
  • Futures Academy - Cupertino
  • Cupertino, CA, USA
  • Jun 17, 2022
Full time, Part time Education

Job Description

Guided Study Teachers are directly involved in supporting Futures Academy’s instructional program by assisting students to accomplish their learning objectives and educational goals in Guided Study as well as after-school learning programs. Guided Study Teachers will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Guided Study and afternoon learning support program while maintaining a positive and productive learning environment.

Academic Instruction Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach & Reinforce Study Skills
  • Teach study skills seminars to help students learn study skills & habits that lead to academic success
  • Reinforce these study skills during Guided Study time periods as needed.
  • Ensure students are using the study skills & techniques taught during the seminar courses (and if not being used, remind students of the techniques they should be employing). Review these study skill techniques (such as outlining homework, estimating time, taking small breaks, outlining content, etc) as needed.
  • Provide academic support based upon each individual student’s understanding, aptitude, and knowledge base
  • Encourage each student to be an active participant in his/her learning outcomes. Remind & teach students how to find answers to questions when working on homework (checking notes, reviewing video, doing test problems, etc). Remind & teach students of what techniques to employ when they become frustrated with homework.
  • Promote creative thinking and involve students in the learning process by asking relevant questions and fostering their engagement in the subject matter
  • Track student progress and communicate with parents and campus staff regarding the academic challenges and successes of current students
  • Actively work with students to cultivate self confidence, self motivation, and a sense of accountability for their academic performance
  • Structure independent work time to meet the specific needs of each student (i.e. Home work help, organization/time management, test prep, acceleration)


Track student progress and communicate with parents and campus staff regarding the academic challenges and successes of current students

  • Take attendance daily in Salesforce for all students in the Structured study. Post attendance into the portal and/or other documents of record for parents and specialists to review
  • Comment weekly in Salesforce regarding the success/needs of each student describing what he/she is observing.
  • Communicate daily with specialists using the LMS as a guide for student support
  • Assist with administration of MAP testing for new students
  • Communicate with all stakeholders to ensure academic success
  • Facilitate workshops and seminars per EPS schedule
  • Monitor cleanliness, organization and productivity of the Guided Study throughout the day * Complete Achievement Meetings with students to set goals to ensure student progress
  • Facilitate and supervise students in Foundation Boost program
  • Manage and supervise afternoon learning support program as planned by the Educational Programs and Services department
  • Instruct classes outside of peak Guided Study hours per campus needs

Parent/Student Contact:

  • Establish rapport and develop positive relationships with parents/guardians and students in order to recognize and support learner objectives and goals
  • Consistently inform parents/guardians regarding student progress using the tools and communication systems provided for this purpose

Qualifications/Requirements Years/Type of Experience:

Demonstrated academic success in all relevant coursework. Familiarity with common technology applications used in an educational environment, as well as, standard office software and equipment.

  • At least one year of teaching/tutoring and/or school administration experience
  • Strong classroom management skills
  • Experience working with students with diverse learning needs a plus


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher (required)


When applying, please note that you saw the job posted on the NOVAworks Job Board. If you need help with your resumé, please see a NOVAworks Career Advisor. 

Deadline to Apply