Director of Client and Sponsor Services

  • Prospect Silicon Valley
  • San Jose, CA
  • May 22, 2018
Full time Business Development Consultant Customer Service Nonprofit-Social Services

Job Description

Prospect Silicon Valley

Director of Client and Sponsor Services Job Description

Are you looking for a position that will provide an engaging and dynamic career

opportunity? As part of a nonprofit cleantech innovation hub, you will play a

pivotal role on our small but ambitious team. ProspectSV is leading smart city

innovation in the Bay Area and strives to advance the adoption of clean

technology in the fields of mobility, energy and the built environment. We’re

currently looking to expand our team as we grow our organization and partner

on more projects.


We are looking for mission-driven candidates who share our commitment to

smarter, sustainable communities. The position of Director of Client and Sponsor

Services reports to the CEO.



The ProspectSV mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean technology for

smarter, more sustainable communities. Our work focuses on three key sectors:

Advanced Mobility, Energy and the Built Environment. ProspectSV is actively

engaged with sponsors, startup clients, academia, research labs, public

agencies, and local governments across these three sectors. Current efforts

include projects covering Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, EV and EV

charging systems, vehicle-to-grid integration, mobility on demand services, Zero

Net Energy buildings, and support for several clean tech procurement

opportunities. ProspectSV has an Intelligent Traffic Systems Lab for development

of vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies and a Data

Analytics Lab for development of applications that leverage multiple sources of

data and generates actionable information for drivers, city planners, etc. Our

start-up clients have solutions that range from hands-free, conductive EV

charging systems to hydrophobic coatings for cooling coils in refrigeration

systems, and that address requirements in mobility, energy and the built

environment. Strategic partners include the cities of San Jose, Palo Alto and San

Francisco, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, CalTrans, Lawrence

Berkeley National Lab, National Renewable Energy Lab, and the Metropolitan

Transportation Commission. Our sponsors include Microsoft, Ford, Cisco, Intel,

Sumitomo and many others who have offerings in our target markets.

ProspectSV Client and Sponsor Services Program Overview

The role of the Client and Sponsor Services program is to provide support to

ProspectSV’s start-up clients, sponsors and partners in line with our mission; to

recruit sponsors, startup clients, tenants and partners; and to manage grantfunded

projects that cut across our business sectors.



This role has three areas of responsibility: 1) support services for sponsors, clients

and tenants, 2) client, tenant and sponsor business development, and 3) project



Support Services for Sponsors, Clients and Tenants

The Director of Client and Sponsor Services (DCSS) provides assistance to

enable clients, tenants and sponsors to reach their full potential in

collaboration with ProspectSV and its partners. These services include

organizing “calls for innovation” seeking technologies to address specific

requirements in pilot projects, roundtables to discuss market trends and

emerging solutions, programs to facilitate introduction of emerging

technologists to potential distributors, investors and partners, coordinating

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide commercialization services,

providing funding opportunity alerts for pilot projects, and assistance in

linking sponsors, clients and partners to pilot and demonstration

opportunities. The DCSS is responsible for coordinating the start-up

prospect evaluation process with SMEs and maintaining relationships with

our network of incubator and accelerator partners. The DCSS is also

responsible for overseeing client, tenant and sponsor administration,

ensuring that invoices are properly generated, tracking receivables, and

addressing tactical needs of our tenants in the Demo Center.


Business Development

The DCSS will create programs to identify, qualify and recruit sponsors,

clients, tenants and partners in collaboration with ProspectSV SMEs and

support staff. This includes the development of proposal templates and

supporting the generation of specific sponsor, client or tenant proposals.

The DCSS works with the marketing team in the development of success

stories, presentations and other communications targeted at potential

sponsors, clients and partners.

The DCSS will also contribute to the development of projects, which may

include identifying, evaluating and inviting partners to participate in a

proposal as well as shaping appropriate roles for those partners. Project

development may require the DCSS to conduct background research of

markets or technologies for inclusion in proposals. The DCSS may also

support the scoping of work and the writing of proposals.


Project Management

ProspectSV has secured several grants that require us to identify, screen,

and counsel clean tech start-ups and other solutions suppliers to facilitate

pilot and demonstration projects, as well as broad-scale commercial

deployments. The DCSS is responsible for managing these grant-funded

projects, coordinating the project team meetings, ensuring that schedules

are met and deliverables generated, and overseeing the administration

of the grant invoices, payables and receivables. The DCSS will manage

communications with all relevant parties and track deliverables and

report progress on projects, incorporating both quantitative measures and

prose descriptions.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The following are required knowledge, skills and abilities:

• Familiarity with clean tech solutions in advanced mobility, energy and the

built environment and knowledge of the competitive landscape for these

solutions and their providers.

• Basic understanding of the market dynamics impacting the adoption of

clean tech solutions in these target markets.

• Experience working with or for start-up companies.

• Network of connections among several of the following groups:

corporate end users of clean tech solutions, automotive OEMs,

automotive Tier 1 suppliers, Bay Area city officials in sustainability, public

transit agencies, the California Energy Commission, the federal

Department of Energy’s energy efficiency and renewable energy and

advanced vehicle technologies offices, clean tech solutions suppliers in

mobility, energy and the built environment, the Federal Transportation

Administration, as well as research institutions (e.g., academia, national

labs, private labs and testing facilities), etc.

• Strong organizational skills including ability to assess priorities,

dependencies, manage details, adhere to deadlines and follow up on

action items.

• Excellent interpersonal skills, including ability to coordinate the activities of

partners over whom the DCSS has influence but not authority.

• Excellent written and oral communications skills,

• Research skills to discover studies and data sources to support

background information needed for proposals, projects, etc.

• Project management skills

Desired, but not required, knowledge, skills and abilities:

• Connections to investors, including seed stage investors, venture capital

or corporate investors

• Connections to other clean tech incubators and accelerators

• Familiarity with Smart City initiatives

• Basic understanding of revenue models and financial statements


Experience and Education

Required: Bachelors degree in business, a scientific or engineering discipline, or

urban planning. Minimum of 10 years of experience with at least 5 years

experience working with clean technologies and minimum 5 years experience

working directly with customers or clients. Experience writing reports or proposals,

managing projects to timely and successful completion, and leading project

teams. Highly desired: experience advising or coaching startups.

Required: Experienced user of productivity tools including spreadsheets (Excel)

and collaborative tools (CRM systems, Box, Dropbox, and the like).

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